Why do we recommend you to register?

After registration you get 20% discount on our products.
For each product you order, bonus points are added to your virtual account, which you can see on our website under each product.
With the accumulation of bonus points you will receive additional discounts and bonuses according to the marketing plan of Tentorium LLC.
Additionally, a “Personal Cabinet” will be created in the program for you to keep track of your accumulated bonus points and how you can use them.

What is required for your registration?

In order to register on our website you need a personal number from the central database of Tentorium Ltd. In case you do not have one we will create one automatically. If you have a sponsor, you also need to provide their personal number. In case you do not know it we will check and inform you.

You must fill in:

  • username
  • first and last name
  • phone number
  • email
  • city
  • country


  • Postal code
  • address
  • personal number
  • sponsor’s personal number

After processing your data, you will receive an email for successful registration. In case the registration was not successful, we will contact you with clarifying questions.
Once registered you need to log in to our website with your username or email and password – you will then see our 20% discount prices.
If you have difficulty registering, please email: sales@tentorium.club