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TENTORIUM® are products proven by science!

Innovative apiphytoproducts TENTORIUM® are an important part of the diet of professional athletes and lovers of an active, healthy lifestyle. They promote health and athletic performance. Their effectiveness has been clinically proven during many years of research by the Company within the framework of the “Program for the introduction of domestic apiphytoproducts TENTORIUM® into high performance sports”.

TENTORIUM® Complete Set of Apiphytoproducts

In 2011, the Company’s specialists created the TENTORIUM® Complete Set of Apiphytoproducts, that included: honey blend Apiphytotonus, Khlebina dragee, BeeActive dragee, Acile balm, ApiHit balm, APV balm , cream “Tentorium”.

The research resulted in the achieved positive corrective effect in 28 medical and biological indicators. Morbidity rate of athletes has decreased by 60%. Recovery process happened to speed up by 50%. The safety of athletes at the stages of training process has increased by 11.5%.

The regular use of TENTORIUM® apiphytoproducts:

  • improves working efficiency and reduces recovery time;
  • increases resistance to the effects of psychological, emotional and physical overstrain;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • fills alimentary deficiencies;
  • improves metabolism;
  • improves metabolism;

Thus, the TENTORIUM® Complete Set of Apiphytoproducts is recommended not only for professional athletes to achieve better results in sports. The Set also fits all people like schoolchildren and students, office workers and factory workers, drivers, housewives, and seniors for promotion of overall health.

In 2014, the TENTORIUM® Company received a patent for “Method and set of apiphytoproducts for non-drug prevention of cardiovascular risk and improving performance in athletes.”

Since 2014, the Company has begun to develop new innovative programs and products based on the Set of Apiphytoproducts. The Company’s specialists created such products as F25 Activation, Active Complex Tentorium-Wellness, Apibar Gold Bar, which later became popular.

High efficiency of the ingredient combination of these products and its dosages has also been proven by scientific research at YUKIOR Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

Apiphytoproducts TENTORIUM®:

  • protect from stress;
  • reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke;
  • improve mental and physical abilities;
  • improve concentration and attention;
  • increase endurance;
  • charge and recharge, give additional energy.


Clinical research of the effects of bee products on improving athletic performance began in 2011. The TENTORIUM® company received an order from the Yogor Boarding College of the Olympic Reserve (Khanty-Mansiysk) to conduct large-scale scientific research to study the clinical effects of the use of beekeeping products in junior athletes. A Scientific Group was created, which included leading Russian scientists and doctors in the field of sports medicine. 

Members of the Scientific Group:

Rail Khismatullin — Head of the project. The President and Founder of TENTORIUM®

Nailya Khismatullina — Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, technical advisor of the project;

Irina Aksyonova — Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Head of the Information and Consulting Center for Health Nutrition, Project Manager;

Vitaliy Kim — PhD (Medicine), Professor of the Department of Biophysics and Functional Diagnostics, Head of the Department of Functional Diagnostics of the clinics of the Siberian State Medical University in Tomsk, scientific supervisor of the Project;

Alexey Rutkovskiy — doctor of exercise therapy and sports medicine at Yogor Boarding College of the Olympic Reserve

Andrey Sokolov — PhD (Medicine), head of the department of medical support for sports training at Yogor Boarding College of the Olympic Reserve;

Juriy Fedosov — Doctor of Medical Science, Head of the Laboratory for Biomedical Support of Sports Training at Yogor Boarding College of the Olympic Reserve;

Irina Khismatullina — Doctor of Medical Science, doctor, project manager for scientific developments of TENTORIUM®, expert of Rosstandart, researcher at the Department of Sports Medicine, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University (Moscow).

Since 2012, scientific research of the Complete Set of Apiphytoproducts has been carried out at the premises of the Yogor College – Boarding School of the Olympic Reserve (YUKIOR) using the TENTORIUM® production base within a public-private partnership. Academic science was presented by the Siberian State Medical University of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, the Research Institute of Cardiology of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Tomsk), the N.I. Pirogova, Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution “Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology” (Moscow). Certain types of research were carried out upon request, by specialists from different medical profiles – the Ophthalmological Center in Khanty-Mansiysk, the training center of the Russian Olympic teams “Novogorsk”.

YUKIOR was a perfect fit: all boarding school pupils live there all year round, eat and train the same way. YUKIOR provides sports training in 26 sports. Over 500 children of different ages and different levels of athletic performance received apiphytoproducts of the TENTORIUM® company as additional nutrition.

Hockey players, skiers, swimmers, boxers, judokas, weightlifters, biathletes, Paralympians, and other athletes-students took part in scientific research. More than 5 thousand studies were carried out, more than 20 thousand sheets of statistics were processed, more than 100 thousand readings were taken. The results impressed everyone!

The next stage of clinical testing was carried out with the participation of the Russian National Research Medical University (RNI MU) named after V.I. Pirogov and the famous sports and health center “Sambo-70”.

The researchers analyzed the depth of sleep, the body’s overall recovery process. The results were excellent: recovery time after exercise decreased by over 15%, and performance and endurance increased by 12%.

Experts Reports

Based on the research, the experts of the Scientific Group made 34 reports, published 14 articles in scientific medical and sports publications.

Research materials published in scientific publications and presented at scientific and practical conferences were highly appreciated by colleagues at the VII International Forum “Russia is a country of sports”, held in 2018 under the patronage of the President Vladimir Putin and attended by about 3 thousand participants. TENTORIUM® became the only sports nutrition manufacturer that was allowed to participate in a state-level event.

An innovative set of apiphytoproducts has been included in the list of products recommended for nutrition of the national teams of the Russian Federation. Since 2018, TENTORIUM® products have been supplied to train Russian national teams in 20 sports federations.

TENTORIUM® are products proven by science!

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