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The natural components of the cream “Api-bust Ovotelle” contribute to improving local blood circulation, strengthen tissue decollete and breast tissue, prevent the risk of stretch marks (“stretch marks”) and inflammatory processes of the breasts. Regular use of the cream with the technique of self-diagnosis of the breast helps in time to detect unwanted seals. The cream contains TENTORIUM®, the patented ingredient Ovotelle, which is obtained through cold extraction of the yolk of quail eggs. The effective hypoallergenic ingredient makes the cream easy to absorb, penetrates deeply into the layers of the epidermis and helps to fight the signs of skin aging.

This product contains a dense propolis extract, whose innovative method of production is confirmed by a patent for invention.

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The formula includes: pollen (pollen pellet), honey, bee tincture, propolis extract, lanolin, pine gum, horseradish extract, beeswax, camphorated oil.

Female breast is the symbol of maternity, the object of worship, berimed by poets, monumentalized by painters and sculptors. However the possessors of said treasure frequently pay too little attention to care of it. And how wrong they are! After all, care of the décolleté area is extremely important. The skin of breasts is very delicate, it needs daily cleansing, moisturizing and nourishment. Apart from that, regular cream application with the use of the technique of unassisted diagnostics of the mammary glands will help to find unwanted lumps and prevent development of breast cancer.

Of course, the formula of the cream should be as natural as possible. For example, such as the one of “Api-Bust” by TENTORIUM®. Beeswax, horseradish extract and pine gum are its key ingredients. They make skin softer, nourish and rejuvenate it, while protecting it against adverse effects of the environment.

How to use:

the cream should be applied on the wet skin of neck and bust with gentle massage moves for 10 days. Periodicity of holding of such cycles should be at least once per 3 months.

Expert’s commentary:

Natural components of “Api- Bust” cream improve local blood circulation, strengthen tissues, prevent the risk of appearance of “traction atrophies” and inflammatory processes in mammary glands.
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