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The comprehensive program includes a selection of products specially selected for those who are constantly experiencing emotional and physical overload. Three effective products provide protection against stress and its effects:

  • Tentorium Plus” 100 g of balm for the replenishment of vitality;
  • balm “A.P.V.” 100 ml for strengthening the immune system;
  • Cream “Tentorium” 100 ml for the removal of nervous tension and deep relaxation.

The program is designed for 15 days of continuous use. During this period, the active components of bee products trigger a complex healing mechanism with lasting effect. The pollen and propolis in the products help cope with the effects of stress, overcome fatigue and adapt the body to the intense pace of mental and physical work.

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  • pollen (pollen pellet), 
  • concentrated propolis extract, 
  • beeswax
  • propolis, 
  • purified shungited water, 
  • silver-enhanced
  • beeswax, 
  • propolis extract, 
  • horseradish extract, 
  • bee venom, 
  • CO 2 -lime blossom extract
Success largely depends on the ability to control emotions and stay calm under pressure. Stress can do actual damage to physical and mental health of a human being. At the same time a human being needs to experience stress sometimes. At the moments of emotional tension our activity achieves its peak. For instance, a short-run touch of stress promotes the growth of new brain cells responsible for memory improvement. However, if stress drags on, said ability of the brain decreases. Therefore it is important to learn how to retain control over stress. There are several easy ways making it possible to get stress under control:
  • Reduce caffeine consumption — caffeine brings the brain and body into a condition of excessive agitation, behavior becomes determined by emotions;
  • Think positive;
  • Get enough sleep — a good night sleep enables to retain the clarity of thought;
  • Help your body regularly with the use of natural and safe products.
Such products were combined by TENTORIUM® in its comprehensive “Antistress Tonifying Program”. 15 days of taking and you will be the master of your emotions!
  • “A-P-V” Balm: 1/2 teaspoonful 15-20 minutes before meal
  • “TENTORIUM Plus” Dragees: 1/2 teaspoonful 30 minutes before meal


  • “A-P-V” Balm: 1/2 teaspoonful 15-20 minutes before meal
  • “TENTORIUM Plus” Dragees: 1/2 teaspoonful 30 minutes before meal


  • “A-P-V” Balm: 1/2 teaspoonful 15-20 minutes before meal
  • “TENTORIUM” Cream: for massage
Expert’s commentary:
The program is meant for 15 days of continuous use, within said period active components of beekeeping products launch a comprehensive health-improving mechanism. Pollen and propolis, included to the formula of the products, help to cope with the consequences of a stress, overcome fatigue, adapt the body to the rigorous pace of intellectual and physical work.
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