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Тhese are opportunities for everyone


TENTORIUM® has been in business since 1988. For three decades the business which has begun with one beehive, has grown to the level of the international Company with hi-tech manufacture and the Service Centres in different countries of the world. Today TENTORIUM® is represented in Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Serbia, Macedonia as well as in the whole territory of the European Union. Unique products TENTORIUM ® is known and loved by residents of the United States, Canada, Turkey, Iran, Israel, UAE. The geography of presence of TENTORIUM® products already includes more than 40 countries and continues to expand.

For millions of people today TENTORIUM® is a unique product, a stable business and the only plant in the bee industry to process all known bee products and natural phytoproducts.

The product: natural, safe, effective.

TENTORIUM® actively spreads the Wellness philosophy. Produces and creates high-quality products to maintain the health, beauty and longevity of mankind.

Unique basis of TENTTORIUM® collection consists of natural honey, propolis, flower pollen, bee-bee milk, beeswax and other bee products. Each batch of raw materials goes through two levels of laboratory quality control before becoming part of a unique TENTORIUM® product. This rigorous approach ensures that the products are safe and highly effective.

Each TENTORIUM® product is the result of in-depth scientific research, based on formulations developed and approved and clinically tested through the USSR State Committee for Science and Technology.

It is very relevant to the current market situation. High quality honey, nutritional drops, replenishing balms, honey compositions and cosmeceuticals contain a rich range of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients that contribute to the overall health of the body, extend youth, maintain beauty, give energy and vigor.


The only plant in the world that processes the entire range of bee products TENTORIUM RULAND operates in accordance with the principles of the world standard HACCP for human safety. The plant is constantly monitored, where safety parameters are controlled. All ingredients undergo high-tech processing in state-of-the-art equipment designed by German engineers, which is unparalleled worldwide. These measures ensure that TENTORIUM® products are guaranteed to be safe and of the highest quality.

According to former President of the World Federation of Beekeeping Associations (Apimondia) Gilles Ratia, who has visited more than 200 processing, honey-farming plants in 130 countries, TENTORIUM RULAND is the world’s best plant for processing a full range of api products.

TENTORIUM today is about values that are open to everyone. Quality and honesty are the motto under which the honey company lives and works for the health and well-being of mankind.

“We are one big family, and together we can do a lot. We will introduce our product to the whole world, we are working on it! TENTORIUM® has something to tell the world, something to offer it!”

Rail Hismatullin, The President and Founder of the Company

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